We continues to publish the Premiere Dates Calendar of the popular TV shows in 2018. You will be able to easily find information when release dates of your favorite shows.

February 2018 TV series schedule

February 9, Friday
When We First Met season 1 Netflix

February 11, Sunday
Our Cartoon President season 1 SHOWTIME
Homeland season 7 SHOWTIME

February 15, Thursday
Re: Mind season 1 Netflix
Stargate Origins season 1 Stargate Command

February 23, Friday
Seven Seconds season 1 Netflix

February 28, Thursday
The Looming Tower season 1 Hulu

March 2018 TV series schedule

March 4, Sunday
The Good Fight season 2 CBS

March 8, Tuesday
Jessica Jones season 2 Netflix

March 11, Sunday
Deception season 1 ABC

March 13, Tuesday
For the People season 1 ABC

March 21, Wednesday
Krypton season 1SyFy

March 25, Sunday
Trust season 1FX

March 26, Monday
The Terror season 1AMC

March 29, Thursday
Siren season 1Freeform

April 2018 TV series schedule

April 1, Monday
The Crossing season 1 ABC

April 4, Wednesday
Famous in Love season 2 Freeform

April 22, Sunday
Westworld season 2 HBO

May 2018 TV series schedule

May 2, Wednesday
Code Black season 3 CBS


The Rain season 1 Netflix